A Word On Roast Levels

The world of coffee roasting is very subjective.  Roast levels are historically defined as American, City, Full City, Continental, Vienna, French, Italian, or even Spanish!  They are totally subjective and very inconsistent from one roaster to the next.  You will even see them in a different order depending on who is setting the standard.

The next best option is Light/Medium/Dark, but that is a little too basic and insufficient as a guide to roast levels.  This spectrum has also been skewed darker by Dutch Roasters like Peet’s or Starbucks and now lighter by Third Wave Roasters like Intelligentsia or Stumptown.  Even Starbucks has pushed theirs lighter with Blonde Roasts!

At Garage Bean’d we decided early on to take all of those out of the equation and have some fun!  The meter is our scale from light to medium to dark roasts.  And rock-based genres are our way of translating the roasts into something a little more accessible.

1 - Country
2 - Folk
3 - Reggae
4 - Rhythm & Blues
5 - Rock & Roll
6 - Blues
7 - Grunge
8 - NY Punk  (New York)
9 - UK Punk  (British)


We've already had customers tell us they love listening along with the "suggested" genre!  We'd love to see what artist/album/genre of music pairs best with your favorite Garage Bean'd Coffees, so please be sure to share and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

Love What You Brew!