Brewology 101: Decaf Coffee

Happy October!  Let's kick it off with something scary shall we?  DECAF COFFEE!!!  Much like Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, and other nightmares, decaf is far more misunderstood than it is truly bad.  Let's break it down by addressing some common questions that come up while trying to understand this paradoxical potion.

1)  How is it Made?

The decaffeination of coffee takes place while it is still an unroasted green bean.  There are a few basic methods of doing this: Chemical Solvents, Water, or Liquid CO2.  Each method involves using a liquid to soak the bean & temperature to bond to & suck out the caffeine.  This leaves us with anywhere between 97-99% caffeine-free beans ready to roast, grind, brew, &.....enjoy?

2)  Why is it SO BAD?

First reason: Peer Pressure!  With catch phrases like "Death before Decaf", it's sure hard to admit an affinity for or need to drink that "colored water".  The second reason gives us a peak behind the curtain though, so please keep's VERY difficult to roast & therefore uncared for by many roasters!!!  Regardless of the decaf method, the bean that we start with is dried out & woodsy.  Add to that the fact that so few people want decaf, and the result is an unwanted, unloved, unappreciated scientific creation with a personality disorder...sound familiar?

3)  Why does it Exist?

Because all kinds of people love coffee!  But not everyone can, should, or desire to be taking caffeine into their system on a regular basis.  I even try to cut myself off in the afternoons.  Meanwhile a lot of our friends, family, and loved ones are trying to balance health and good life choices with the desire to Love What They Brew! 

We here at Garage Bean’d are all about a good challenge, so our solution is to give decaf the tender-loving care it deserves in the roaster & let it’s own flavor profile rise to the top!  This is why only a few of our coffees are available as Full, Partial, or No Caffeine.  Also, with this blog, we are releasing 2 new coffees that are only available as Decaf!  So be sure to check out the updated offerings in our Catalog.

Brew What You Love...especially if you Love Decaf!